Get Ready To Fill Some Zombies Full of Lead in Walking Dead Game

Ever since the Walking Dead debuted on AMC back in 2010, everyone has been obsessed with this television adaption of the zombie killing comic book. I mean how many of us have wanted to pump a zombie full of lead just because Deputy Rick Grimes makes it so easy…Well it looks like Jakks Pacific is jumping on the gravy train and delivering a new Plug It In & Play TV game called The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Game. While we aren’t big fans of the Big Buck Hunter games but we are perfectly fine with killing zombies.

Now fans can now try to survive the zombie outbreak firsthand.  The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Game allows gamers to experience the action adventure from a pump and shoot shotgun controller through multiple levels of zombie madness. Jakks is no stranger to bringing different licenses to life via their Plug It In & Play TV genre of games. As with all of JAKKS’ TV Games titles, the controller plugs into the A/V jacks of any standard TV and contains multiple games inside each controller with no additional consoles or software required. While the guns included with the game are not all that serious looking, you’ll still feel the fear creeping down the back of your neck when a zombie comes out to get you.

The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Games will retail for $39.99 and can be expected to hit shelves sometime around the holidays.

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