iPad App of the Week: StockTouch Is a Retina-Ready Stock App for Your New iPad

Besides taking advantage of the new Retina display on the new iPad, StockTouch presents a dramatically new way of approaching the stock app. That said, dramatically new doesn’t always translate to better.

The app looks very attractive, using bright colors in heat tiles, which are supposed to show which stocks are hot and which stocks not at any given moment. The app has access to nine sectors, 1,350 companies, and thousands of charts and news stories. Unfortunately, a lot of that information only scratches the surface of many stocks. That’s besides the fact that an upward trending stock should by no means by equated to a smart buy. Also, data is refreshed every five minutes, which isn’t impressive considering there are free stock apps available that have real-time, or close to it, updates.

The tiled presentation isn’t always the best approach, either. You can have the screen filled with dozens of those tiles, but unless you know your stock abbreviations, that’s going to be a lot of meaningless information being thrown at you. Even if you do know those abbreviations, the presentation isn’t very efficient for finding targeted information quickly. There is a search feature for stocks, of course, but the focus seems to be on the heat tiles, which isn’t a particularly good way of collecting information and doesn’t necessarily make for a smart trading strategy.

StockTouch is available now for the iPhone and iPad for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store.

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