Brisk Iced Tea Force Throws Extra Content Onto Kinect Star Wars

In tandem with the release of Kinect Star Wars this week, special one-liter bottles of Brisk Iced Tea will be available in 7-Elevens bearing Microsoft tags. Those tags can be scanned by the Kinect to unlock new game content, but the real good news here is the availability of one-liter bottles of Brisk Iced Tea, if bottled iced tea is your thing.

The M-tag apparently is the same for everyone, netting players the same podracer that young Anakin piloted in Episode I for use in Kinect Star Wars’ podracing game. I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with excitement, but you might want to check yourself before you start guzzling that one-liter. Kinect Star Wars is getting some forcefully unkind reviews, so you might want to give it a rent before shelling out the full $50. After all, if the one redeeming value of the game is that kids can wave their arms in front of it without noticing or caring how unresponsive the game is – well, I’m pretty sure that kind of fun can still be achieved sans Kinect.

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