These Chocolate iPhone and iPad Bars Are Too Realistic to Eat

What is more delicious than using an iPhone or iPad? How about eating one! Spotted half-way around the world, in a mall at the center of Herzliya in Israel, on display are life-size versions of the iPhone and iPad – ready to be eaten with delight. We have written about candy versions of these popular iOS devices before… heck we even posted about a cake made into a shape of an iPhone several years ago. But to actually see these sweets in person is a whole other treat.

The white iPhone 4S and iPad 2 that are on display (we couldn’t tell by its chocolate designs whether they are the iPad 3rd generation or not) look incredibly realistic with their included apps and shape, so that if you quickly handed it to someone to use, they would have to look twice before realizing it wasn’t a real gadget – before it melted in their hand. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually get to taste the iPhone or iPad, as we just couldn’t bring ourselves to take a bite out of this Apple product. But notably they did have a pink chocolate iPhone… perhaps Apple should consider that as a new color.

And right alongside these chocolatey gadgets are some very angry familiar faces too, which you can check out below…

Overall, if you like your chocolate imported, head on over to Lia Chocolate where they can make your geek chocolate dreams come true.

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