Duracell Deviates From Batteries, Pushes Flash Drives and USB Chargers

The day when we will no longer need AAA or AA batteries is still probably far in the future. That said, you have to imagine that with rechargeable options becoming dominant, the old batteries probably aren’t a good investment for the future. Evidently, the two biggest battery producers – Duracell and Energizer – feel the same way.

Both have released new products that represent a significant departure from what the company is used to making. Duracell will soon sell a rugged USB flash drive in 16 GB and 32 GB models. Rather than relying on a cap, the Duracell flash drive features a twist system that houses the USB connector inside the body. The unibody design should prove to be more durable, and eliminate concern over losing a protective cap.

Energizer, on the other hand, is releasing a couple of wall chargers for smartphones. The Energizer Premium USB Wall Chargers come in Apple-friendly and Micro USB-friendly models, and feature cord spools that keep excess cord wrapped up and out of the way. It’s not clear what, exactly, is “premium” about these chargers, other than the fact that they’re made by Energizer, but the chargers do succeed in being convenient, with fold-down prongs and a charging indicator light that shuts off when the device is fully charged.

As the world slowly bids farewell to the old batteries that used to power just about everything electronic, it’ll be interesting to see how these old battery producers adapt to the new electronics market. Both are a little late to the game when it comes to wall chargers and flash drives, but there is something to be said for the strength of a brand name. If Duracell and Energizer can bring just enough new to the game, they might be able to ride out the death of the one product that carried them to success.

Both products should become available sometime this month or during May. Pricing is unknown as of now.

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