Sony VAIO Q is World’s Smallest Ultrabook with 1.25″ Display

Sony has just announced the VAIO Q, which is the world’s smallest Ultrabook. So if you thought that 3lb laptops were petite, you haven’t seen anything yet. The VAIO Q packs in a full HD 0.75″ x 1.25″ 1080p LED backlit display with a pixel density that makes it the sharpest screen on the market today. Under the hood, the laptop also packs in a 1GB AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphics card to make all your HD graphics dreams possible. So not only is it perfect for showcasing HD content, but it’s also able to show off 3D graphics too. But more than anyone here, we’re pretty sure that Computer Engineer Barbie must be psyched to get her hands on one of these!

With the VAIO Z we finally have a laptop choice that is pocketable. And heck, you can even throw the VAIO Q on your keychain. To top it all off, the VAIO Q also promises an amazing battery life with its included Extra Lithium Battery Coin (CR2032-B1A). A LiveView accessory and docking station will also be available and sold separately. Pricing for the Sony VAIO Q is TBD. We’re also curious to hear about what Intel has to say about whether the VAIO Q truly meets their specifications for the Ultrabook category.

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