VIA APC is a Banana-Sized $49 Android PC

Via just introduced the APC, which is essentially a $49 PC running on a modified version of Android 2.3. APC is powered by a WonderMedia ARM processor and manages to ingrate 2GB NAND Flash memory and 512 of DDR3 SDRAM, all on-to a small form-factor that measures just 17cm x 8.5cm. This form-factor can be housed inside any standard Mini-ITX or microATX chassis. Via says that APC is perfect for enthusiasts and those looking for a cheap DIY project.

But despite the super low price tag, APC is is powerful enough to support an HDTV or an HD display, using VGA or HDMI. It’s even powerful enough to feature Hardware acceleration and be able to playback all kinds of demanding HD video formats. Finally, APC also packs in four USB 2.0 ports, a microSD slot, and an ethernet port.

When it comes to power efficiency, APC also shines. The system only consumes 4 watts while operating at idle power, and it will consumer maximum of 13.5 watts on a maximum load. This means that it’s a lot more power efficient than your standard PC.

VIA’s APC will be available in July for just $49, but ofcourse, you’ll have to bring your own chassis to use it.

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