Gordon Ramsay Steak Arrives in Las Vegas with iPad Wine Lists

After a nasty start to his week involving soccer, a rough tackle, and a trip to the hospital, all-star chef Gordon Ramsay could use some good news. The opening of a new upscale Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Vegas probably qualifies.

The celebrity chef’s Gordon Ramsay Steak restaurant is opening in the Paris casino in Las Vegas this spring and, like many of his other restaurants around the world, it’ll be tech friendly. The new Las Vegas restaurant will have 20 iPads running SmartCellar, which provides patrons with the wine and spirits list in spectacular, HD glory. Seems a unnecessarily decadent, but then again, this is a restaurant from a Michelin Star chef. One expects things to be over the top.

Now, if only technology could help Ramsay avoid soccer-related injuries. Then again, if that was case, Ramsay, known to be a pretty good footballer in his youth, might have never become a chef, and then we would have never had Hell’s Kitchen. And wouldn’t that have just been a shame?

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