Satechi iFit-1 Portable Rechargeable Speaker Stand Review

The Satechi iFit-1 Portable Rechargeable Speaker Stand is a pocket-sized speaker with a snazzy design and 360-degree audio for your mobile phone or MP3 player. This little handheld speaker features a built in ‘smart’ stand, a 6-hour rechargeable battery, and a hide-away speaker cable.

The Satechi iFit-1 is definitely a snazzy looking device. The speaker is literally palm sized. It’s available in 5 hot colors, all which feature a black base, a tough plastic body, and a specially designed curved metal grill. The device itself is very simple. It has a built-in 3.5mm cable which tucks under the device, an ON/OFF switch, a mini-USB charging port, and a slide-out stand.

It’s convenient that there’s a standard audio cable built in the device. It is, however, a bit short, measuring under 6 inches. There’s a slide-out stand which extends out of the speaker about an inch. The stand is intended to prop up your phone or iPod upright (portrait) or on it’s side (landscape). This is nice for watching movies and face-timing. The stand is a cool feature, but it doesn’t work as well as you may want it to. I had to remove iPhone’s case to use the stand. iFit has a 6-hour rechargeable battery which is very solid. It takes a little over two hours to fully charge.

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In theory, the Satechi iFit-1 is a really cool device. It’s small, durable, attractive, simple, and affordable. In practice, it’s a little awkward to use. The cable is too short and adjusting your phone’s volume can become a small feat if you’re using the built-in stand. The real determinant for a portable speaker is its speaker quality. We found the audio quality to be quite tinny. It does gets louder than iPhone’s speaker, but at max volume the music gets pretty distorted. I find the audio quality of iPhone’s speaker to be much clearer and easier on the ears. The Satechi iFit-1 doesn’t get extremely loud, but it’s loud enough to amply fill a large room with music.

Even though the Satechi iFit-1 Portable Rechargeable Speaker Stand doesn’t have amazing audio quality, and it can be a little awkward to use, it’s still a pretty neat device. It’s especially handy for listening to iPods and MP3 players which don’t have built-in speakers. Being that it has a 6 hour rechargeable battery, it’s a convenient sidekick for vacations and the beach. Plus, you can easily throw it in your pocket or purse. The device sells for $15.99, and at such an affordable price, it’s tough to complain about sub-par audio quality and design quirks.

The Good: Affordable, Colors, Cool Design, Built-In Stand, Built-In Cable, Rechargeable, Uses Standard Mini-USB Charging, Hand-Held, Durable
The Bad: Cable is Short, Stand Doesn’t Work With All Phones/Cables, Shoddy Audio Quality

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