SuonoFiore Speaker in Glass Smells of Sweet Music

They’re being tabbed as the first speakers ever to use hand-blown glass. I’m not sure how big of a statement that is, but I’m willing to take it at face value.

The SuonoFiore speaker is a hand-blown glass piece of art in the form of a long-stemmed flower. The wiring runs through that stem, up to the speaker planted in the center of the flower’s petals. Currently, the speakers are being designed to provide an entire 5.1 surround sound system. At the very least, your home sound system will be a lot less unsightly than everyone else’s.

Pricing and availability are unknown, as the SuonoFiore is very much still a work in progress on the part of Ben Wisoff, a student at the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design. Let’s hope we see this flower come into full bloom in the future.

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