Walls 360’s Plants vs Zombies Takes Over Our Room! [Review]

Plants vs Zombies has come to life! And it’s all over our wall! Walls 360 has been making a name for themselves by producing high quality, removable wall graphics for artists, designers, photographers, and brands around the world. PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies is their latest release of wall stickers. Some of the characters are so ugly that they’re completely adorable… go figure!

The beauty of Walls 360 isn’t just the high resolution images that pop, it’s the ability to easily unpeel and reapply them anywhere and as often as you choose. Unlike the stickers you’re used to, Walls 360 stickers are more of an adhesive-enabled fabric. This is what gives it such a nice looking matte finish. They’re very durable; they don’t crease, bubble, crack or tear. They go on any smooth surface completely flat. They can be removed and reapplied hundreds of times. They leave no residue or marks.

These days, it’s so easy to change your mind. Walls 360 enables you to lay out any of the Plants vs Zombies wall graphics in as many places and positions as possible. The cool thing is you can keep adding to the collection, rearrange the graphics to tell a story all throughout your house or apartment. “Position pea-shooters, choppers and sunflowers to defend living rooms, bedrooms or any other area from brain-hungry zombies,” Walls 360 advises.

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Walls 360 sells a great variety of Plants vs Zombies graphics; you can purchase individual characters, collections of characters, or the full set. Since the graphics are removable you can start off small and eventually go big. The graphics come rolled up in a poster tube. You can immediately start sticking the graphics anywhere (windows, walls, corners, poles, ceiling, etc), or you can flatten out the sheet of graphics with a book. It won’t make much of a difference. PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies graphics, by Walls 360, start at $8 for a graphic and top out at $95 for the full set (28 graphics). Considering how much wall space they can cover, without looking like cheap stickers, it’s pretty affordable compared to alternative decorations. We reviewed Special Zombie Set 1 and 2. They each cost $25 for 5 zombies, all close to one foot tall. We recommend these as a good starter pack. Walls 360 backs each print with a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, so you really can’t go wrong!

The Good: Beautiful Prints, Fun Characters, Easy to Apply and Remove, Can Re-use Hundreds of Times, Affordable, Made Out of Premium Material, Works on Various Surfaces

The Bad: Nothing Yet

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