Lenco iPT-6 iPhone Dock Towers Above the Rest

Above the rest, aside from all the other tower docks coming out these days, that is. The Lenco iPT-6 iPhone Dock is yet another tower speaker dock that fits all iPhones and iPods, and doubles as a charging station for those devices.

The iPT-6 uses proprietary tech from Lenco to create 6.1 surround sound from just the tower. That tower houses six speakers and one subwoofer, and uses Lenco’s Sonic Emotion 3D chipset, which is supposed to eliminate audio “blind spots” in a room. That sounds nice, but I don’t think too many people go huddle off in a corner of the room while listening to their music.

The top of the tower has an LED display, along with controls to adjust bass and treble. You can use the iPT-6 as an alarm clock, and there is an auxiliary jack for non-Apple devices, as well as composite video output for use with televisions.

The Lenco iPT-6 iPhone Dock is selling now for £199.99, or about $312.

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