Mayan Countdown Clock Reminds You The End of The World is Coming – Soon!

I would say this Mayan Countdown Clock is a massive waste of money, but then again, if the world’s going to go up in flames in a little over six months, who cares?

The Mayan Countdown Clock ticks away the seconds to mankind’s impending doom, but if you’re not into the whole end of the world thing, you could just think of it as a slightly off countdown timer to Christmas, too. I think it’s best as trendy fashion statement, to make sure everyone knows you’re hip to the hot doomsday prediction of the year.

And, you know, if the world shockingly doesn’t come to a dramatic close on December 21st, 2012, at least you can still use the clock as a general purpose timer, though somehow, I have my doubts about anyone using it for that purpose. After all, we’ll have new doomsday predictions to eagerly anticipate – Mayan stuff is going to be so 2012.

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