Monster Gets in the July 4th Spirit with iSport USA In-Ear Headphones

Monster is updating their athlete-friendly line of iSport in-ear headphones with their limited edition Team USA model. The new red, white, and blue earphones are becoming available just in time for the 4th of July and the London Olympics, but getting your hands on a pair might be as tricky as getting tickets to the Olympic Games (or actually getting your hands on decent fireworks, depending on where you live).

The changes aren’t just cosmetic. Minor improvements have been made to the OMNITIP, the little bit of sweat-resistant soft material that can be molded around the ear to fit individual wearers, while the earbuds themselves retain the in-ear anchor clip that prevents the earbuds from falling out of the ear. The updated iSport earphones boast a red, white, and blue patriotic pattern, and, being a limited edition item, come with individual serial numbers and letters of authenticity. That last part seems a bit much for a pair of earbuds, but there it is.

The patriotic new iSport earbuds will cost about $180, and will only be available at a few unspecified iSport retailers over the next month. If you’re interested, here’s hoping you have good enough fortune to get your hands on a pair.

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