Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve With QRTribe Apparel

QRTribe apparel brings a whole new meaning to the old statement – every piece of clothing is branded with a QR code that will take others to a profile page containing links to your social media profiles. Self-advertisement at its finest, to be sure.

QRTribe features men’s and women’s lines, as well as handbags. The articles look fashionable enough, going for a sleek modern look. The one knock on aesthetics would be the QR code itself, which has never been accused of being a thing of beauty.

It’s hard to tell if this is really something that would catch on – it’s hard to even say that QR codes themselves have caught on as a means of gathering information. Getting people to actually wear them is whole other mountain to climb – most people tend to be very finicky about clothing. After all, just wearing something with a QR code is going to make a statement all by itself, before anyone even takes the time to scan it.

But, the applications are clear. Dating would be simplified – you could just view someone’s carefully (or not so carefully) curated life story, figure out if there’s any promise there, and move on. It’s a lot quicker than having to hear the whole thing from the person verbally, right?

Telling your version of your life story would literally be a snap – you’d just have to get used to the odd stranger stopping to take a picture of you.

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