BeachSafe is the Smartest Towel to Buy in a Heatwave

There is a heatwave over here in the Northeast, and everyone is heading to the beach. But besides for the usual beach accessories like sunscreen, sunglasses, and some reading material, you are also bound to bring with you some type of Tablet – and of course your Smartphone. So where do you hide all these gadgets when you hit the water and your gear is left all vulnerable on the sand? Well till now most sunbathers would just bury their stuff in a towel or clothing to disguise it. But BeachSafe makes it a lot easier for you.

BeachSafe is a smart towel that has sewn in pockets for you to hide all your valuable items. Just hide your stuff in one of three pockets and then close it tight with the velcro closure. Not only will it protect your stuff from would be thieves, but also from the sand, water, and sun.

The BeachSafe towel is made of 100% cotton/velour, it retails for $24, and comes in five different colors. So finally you can have peace of mind that your phone will still be there after you finish skinny dipping….


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