If You’re Attractive, You Can Travel Anywhere for Free

In case you needed your daily reminder that life isn’t fair (if waking up didn’t do the trick), here’s Miss Travel.

Miss Travel is, roughly put, a free-to-use online dating website. That’s not the most accurate way of describing it, though – people on the site aren’t necessarily looking for a second date. The site is split into two groups – wealthy people and attractive people. Actually, it was conceived as a split between wealthy men and attractive women, but I guess somewhere along the line the people behind Miss Travel realized that shockingly enough, there really are wealthy women and there really are men looking for free rides, an idea they give a parenthetical nod to at the bottom of the page. Of course, given that the site is called Miss Travel, it’s easy to see the who the intended audience is.

All you need to do is be beautiful in the eye of the beholder, and you’ll get a free ride to wherever the rich person is going. “Attractive” people can browse for “generous” people by profile, and can propose trips – to a new destination, to the “generous” person’s hometown, or to the “attractive” person’s hometown. Of course, given that the beholder is single, rich, and possibly lacking in friends willing to accompany them anywhere, chances are you’re going to have to be outright beautiful. Then again, if you’re a local of some highly desired tourist destination, some people on the site are looking to find experienced local tour guides to show them around.

So, if you’re beautiful and willing to trust a rich stranger who conceivably has no friends, head on over to Miss Travel and go nuts. If you’re not beautiful, maybe don’t head over there, because the large, unsubtle “Who needs money, beautiful people travel free!” tagline at the top will probably make you want to head back to bed and hope for a better tomorrow.

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