XAPPR Gaming Gun for Smartphones Goes on Sale, Gets Compatible Apps

XAPPR, the augmented reality gun peripheral for smartphones introduced in February, has gotten a confirmed August release date. That’s when the XAPPR will ship for all those who submitted pre-orders and when the toy gun will show up in retail stores.

XAPPR works by using your smartphone as an augmented reality sight. On screen, you’ll see the area around you through the camera lens, with virtual enemies plastered all over for you to gun down. Some apps will be able to detect the presence of other XAPPR users, for laser-tag like battles with other people.

Currently, MetalCompass, the company behind XAPPR, has about a dozen third party iOS apps ready for the XAPPR, most of which include packs of themed enemies like ghosts, zombies, pirates, and mosquitoes. The list of Android and Windows Phone apps has not been released yet, but MetalCompass says XAPPR will be compatible with both operating systems. The company has also released an SDK for developers to use to create new apps for the XAPPR or to adapt old apps for use with it.

You can still pre-order the XAPPR for $45 – $30 for the gun, and $15 for shipping. Also, keep in mind that XAPPR will only come in black, so, you know. Don’t go playing with it around a police station or something. Actually, it’s probably best that XAPPR remains an indoor toy. Using it in Times Square as pictured is probably going to end badly.

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