1:Face LED Watch Gives Good Face for Charity

It’s always good to donate to the right charities, but getting a sleek, fashionable watch out of the deal doesn’t hurt, either.

1:Face LED Watches are a recent attempt at social enterprise – business ventures designed for the purpose of assisting those in need. Sales of these watches will go toward addressing six critical areas of need in the world today, depending on which color you choose.

The watch itself is simple enough – a digital LED display on a mirror background, so you can check yourself out while you’re checking the time. The watch is made to be stylish more than anything, and should please those who have minimalist tastes and a desire to help the world improve in some way.

The six causes advanced are AIDS, cancer, breast cancer, access to clean water, hunger, and the environment. Supporting the AIDS cause supplies free contraceptives, while proceeds going toward breast cancer provide free mammograms. Supporting the fight against hunger provides meals to those in need andgrabbing a clear watch helps to pay for wells in Rwanda. Supporting the environment has a very human-centric slant, providing safe cooking equipment to families in need. That prevents those families from having to use open fires to cook, which can lead to serious smoke inhalation and can be especially damaging or lethal to young children.

Pricing isn’t publicly available yet, but you can email the makers of 1:Face LED Watches to receive more information about the product. You can also browse their page to find specific information about each cause (including where, exactly, the money is going to) and a breakdown of what each watch pays for.

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