AudioXperts EVA Dock is So Green You’ll Need Alot of Cash to Buy It

Not only is AudioXperts’ EVA collection of compact tabletop music systems consist of Eco-friendly materials, you’ll also need a lot of green in your wallet to purchase them. AudioXperts is aligning this new set of audio systems as a luxury product. I’m confused…I thought we were all still kind of reeling from a recession? Anyway this earth friendly high-end dock will be manufactured using over 60% of sustainable materials.

The EVA product lineup includes the SCR400 Dock FM Clock Radio with Bluetooth ($499.99), SCR400D Dock FM/DAB+ Clock Radio with Bluetooth ($599.99), and the SPS300 Dock Speaker with Bluetooth ($399.99). Users can Make it Stereo with the optional “+Channel” AC250 Amplified Speaker with Clock ($349.99) and “+Channel” PS200 Powered Speaker ($299.99).

The EVA collection will feature a natural woven wool cover accented by bamboo. Even EVA’s internal cabinet parts are made from a plant based bio-plastic that offers the same strength as any piece of common plastic.

Eco-friendly is nice but how will it sound? Well moving away the bio-plastic parts is a 15-watt RMS amplifier , full range 4” drivers, USB jack for connection and charging of iPod, iPhone, or iPad , FM Tuner with 8 presets , LED source and status indicator , Bamboo encased IR Remote control and more. So go ahead and indulge on this dock system – it’s good for the ecology and the economy.

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