HTC One V Arrives at Cricket Wireless

The little sister to HTC’s marquee offerings will soon be available on the little sister of United States telecoms.

The less powerful, but still impressive, HTC One V will be arriving at Cricket Wireless on September 2nd, which, as per Cricket Wireless’ business plan, will mean you can grab yourself a nice new smartphone sans contract. While the One V doesn’t enjoy the upper echelon of quad-core and dual-core processors that the rest of the line boasts, it isn’t exactly underpowered, sporting a Snapdragon S3 1 GHz processor. You’ll also get a 3.7” LCD screen, Android 4.0, a 5 MP rear-facing camera, and a host of software and apps that HTC and Cricket probably care about way more than you do.

Word is that the HTC One V will hit Cricket Wireless stores on September 2nd, and will retail for the non-subsidized price of $270. For a non-subsidized phone, that’s not too shabby, considering the One V is a decent enough smartphone. If you value not having a contract highly, it’s worth thinking about.