Android App of the Week: UpSense Keyboard Presents a Radically New Way to Type on a Tablet

We’ve seen plenty of alternate keyboards for tablets, but none quite as inventive or unique as UpSense Keyboard. UpSense does away with the traditional keyboard completely, relying on gestures. The first thing the user does is place their fingertips comfortably on the tablet’s screen – this will leave five fingertip markers on-screen, which is where the user will input the gestures. From there, each letter is assigned a gesture – three fingers down for “M,” three fingers up for “W,” and so on. Numbers and punctuation can also be assigned gestures, and gestures for letters are customizable.

UpSense won’t seem intuitive at first – it will require you to learn a totally new input method, and that takes time to master. But, if you’re patient and willing to experiment with something new, give UpSense a trial run for a couple months and see if you get into it. It definitely won’t be for everyone, but it’s easy to imagine that it could click with some people.

UpSense also includes support for Braille, for those with visual impairments.

The UpSense Keyboard is available now for free on Google Play. Set up takes a little work, but nothing too time-consuming.


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  1. You bring us some of the newest things- I found this really interesting- is there a spell check or anything?
    This Beta version will be expired on the 1/10/2012… in the link. I am still going to take a looksie at this though I think too this would be great for those of us who arent the best typists!

  2. I tried it and it have a spell check on the top of the screen!
    I think that the date means that the probably will release a newer version.
    there is also a game that I have just downloaded and it seems pretty cool way to practice… look for UpSense Flight Trainer

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