Your iPad Will So Rock This Hoodie

3381 hoodie tablet edition ipad outside 600 572x466 Your iPad Will So Rock This Hoodie

It looks a little strange, but hey, some people buy clothes for their dogs, too, right?

Luckies’ Hoodie Tablet Edition is a plain grey hooded sweatshirt made just for the iPad, complete with handwarmer pocket, which I guess you could use to store your headphones. Otherwise, if you’re worried about keeping your iPad warm in the winter, you’re all set now. Good thing, because I know a lot of you were concerned about that.

Sadly, the hood will definitely not make your iPad waterproof. Making your iPad look like it’s about to take a 3-mile jog through rain and mud costs about $25. The Hoodie Tablet Edition currently isn’t in stock, but you can sign up to receive an email when it becomes available. In the meantime, looks like someone has been hard at work making hoodies for all your other gadgets, too. Your iPhone and iPad can match – twinsies!

3376 hoodie tablet edition ipad inside 600 572x466 Your iPad Will So Rock This Hoodie