Ceramic Animal Speakers Pass Some Sweet Bass

Ceramic animal butts producing amplified music? Ceramic animal butts producing amplified music.

These ceramic animal speakers were originally created as home decorations, but have been fitted with 40 mm passive (try to contain your laughter) speakers that mostly use the hollow interior to amplify sound. That way, the sculpture won’t require battery or AC power – you just need to attach it to your mobile device. There’s a mobile device stand pictured, but be warned that it doesn’t fit all smartphones. It produces 2 watts of power, which we suppose is provided by the battery power of the attached mobile device.

If you’re not into animals passing bass, there are a few fruit styles available – apple, pear, and lemon. Otherwise, there are six animals to choose from – pig, bull, hippo, bear, elephant, and an Animal Farm worthy standing pig. The only stench from these guys is coming from the price – a bloated $88.23.

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