Incipio DualPro iPhone 5 Case Review

iPhone 5 cases – Wooo!! As much as we’d love to rock our iPhone 5 and every aspect of its perfect crafstmanship, we know better than going out unprotected. The Incipio DualPro for iPhone 5 is one of the first cases available. It’s a perfect fit for iPhone 5, and this two-piece case is currently available in a variety of colors.

Normally, we’re not big fans of two-piece cases, however the DualPro is a pretty solid case that’s protective, durable, and comfortable to hold. The inside is made of a rubbery form fitting silicone. The outside is rigid “Plextonium” matte plasticky shell. The inner case is applied to iPhone first, and then followed by the outer shell, which almost entirely covers the inner layer.

The two-piece cases usually prove themselves to be a little more protective than other cases. The tough outer shell is durable, while the inner silicone casing is shock absorbent. The inner shell partially covers iPhone’s face, but in a pretty elegant manner. If that’s not enough screen protection for you, the DualPro comes with a screen-protector. It also comes with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and a foldable stand. The stand props iPhone in landscape mode, it’s nice that it was included, but it’s not especially amazing.

While the DualPro design is relatively simple, the matte two-tone finish and soft touch are a winning combination. The button overlays and cutouts are all perfect, which was a bit surprising as Incipio designed this before iPhone’s release. The volume button and lock button overlays work perfectly. There is a cutout for the vibrate toggle, which involves a tad of digging. The camera cutout and speaker/mic/headphone/dock cutouts are all perfect.

The Inciop DualPro is a well balanced case: it’s comfortable, durable, protective, and isn’t especially thick or heavy. It weighs about as much as an iPhone 4/4S with a case. Soon enough there will be thinner cases available, but they probably won’t be as protective. The Incipio DualPro Case for iPhone 5 is currently available from Incipio.com in six different color schemes for $29. Or you can pick it up for as low as $19.99 on Amazon. Our model is Indigo Violet with Charcoal Gray accents.

The Good: Comfortable, Durable/Protective, Simple Design, Perfect Fit/Cutouts/Overlays, Included Screen Protector/Cloth/Stand
The Bad: Two-Piece Application Process, Silicone pulls from iPhone’s Face, Small Vibrate Toggle Cutout

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