Sell Your Old iPhone 4 or 4S at Glyde

The iPhone 5 has finally arrived and now it’s prime trade-in time. Glyde is another website that should make the transition as smooth as possible.

Like many other trade-in sites, Glyde provides quotes for your old devices based on what model you have and what condition it’s in. The site in general seems to have an Apple slant to it, but if you’re not into all things “i,” don’t be discouraged – you can sell just about anything that falls under the category of consumer electronics. The quotes are generous enough to where the money you could get might offset the cost of a subsidized iPhone 5 (or whatever it’s going to be called).

The difference is that Glyde facilitates sales to others, acting more like eBay than a typical reseller. But, Glyde manages to one-up eBay by providing you with shipping materials at no extra cost. And, again, the prices your old phone can fetch are pretty competitive – a 4S can fetch as much as $300 if you’ve taken good care of it.

Glyde also offers a few how-to guides about preparing for the just released iOS 6 update, remote wiping a smartphone, and handling a phone with water damaged. Nothing there will be news to seasoned smartphone users, but those new to the game might find some useful information. Next time you get conscripted for troubleshooting duty by the technologically challenged, Glyde’s guides aren’t a bad place to point your friends to if you need a quick out.

You can also use Glyde to check out top 10 lists of the most popular items being sold on the site, so you can get at least a rough idea of whether or not your device or game has a chance of selling, or if you’re better off braving eBay.

Everyone’s got some excess tech laying around these days – might as well see if you can cash in on it. After all, new technology isn’t going to start coming at you any slower.

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