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myCharge Trek 2000 Rechargeable Power Bank Review

Portable power is a growing concern for people nowadays as cellphone drain battery juice with every swipe of Angry Birds HD. The myCharge Trek 2000 Rechargeable Power Bank stands out in a market full of portable chargers with a square design which has the capability to charge TWO devices at once and has three integrated charging cables. The bottom of the Trek2000 has rubberized nodule to allow it to grip to surfaces as well as make it comfortable to hold.

It feels a little thick in the hand, but this is easy to overlook considering that it can give devices around 9 hours of juice. This is optimized for the iPhone as not only does it have a connector integrated, but when you flip up part of the charger it also acts as a stand/ dock for the iPhone. The other two connectors are a micro USB cord and USB connector, which are great of you have an Android phone or Kindle that needs some extra juice on the go.

The MyCharge is easily charged through a wall socket (with USB connector) or from your laptop. It takes around 3 hours to fully recharge it, but power can just sit and be maintained in the MyCharge if you don’t need it immediately, so it’s a useful backup. I’m also a fan of how all cords fold into a small square, so there are no connectors that can get damaged when it ends up in the bottom of a bag.

MyCharge say it provides around 9 hours if talktime to a drained device, and whilst this may be true, if you are a heavy internet user you really only have around 3-4 hours of extra power.

A feature of the Trek2000 that’s very appealing are the four LED light on the unit which light up whilst the device is charging. Once charged the machine emits a light beep to let you know you can remove it from the port, and you can check on the status of the power by pressing the small white button on the front which will make the LED lights illuminate. When all four LED lights glow that indicates that you have full power – though it can also charge devices on one light.

Another interesting feature is that the machine is actually intelligent and recognizes what devices are ‘higher power’, – for example an iPhone needs more juice than a Kindle. Priority is given to powering iPhone’s over anything else, so it’s important to bear in mind that when you charge two devices, one will power up more slowly. You can pick up the MyCharge Trek2000 for $59 at Amazon.

The Good: Clean white design, multiple ways to charge (USB, micro USB and iPhone) and a useful light system so you know how much power is left. Sturdy design.

The Bad: Doesn’t provide that much web browsing time, larger than desired and expensive. Would need adapter for the iPhone 5.

Update 2/3/12: myCharge’s PR team has reached out to us to point out that the Trek2000 is actually compatible with the iPhone 5! “The myCharge Summit 3000 and Peak 6000 power banks were smartly designed with a USB port in anticipation of the new Apple connector. This built-in USB will allow the user to use their new iPhone 5 charging cable or any other custom charging cable to charge a third device.”

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  1. The local discount warehouse place is now clearance selling these for $4. Well worth having just for those occasions when you’ll be a few days away from a wall socket.

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