Star Wars AT-AT Bookends Keeps the Force from Dropping Your Books

The Star Wars merchandise strikes back. It has always struck back. It will continue to strike back for long, long into the future.

This time, we have some serious, gourmet merchandise on hand, with ultra high-quality bookends. Yes, bookends. Star Wars bookends. Go ahead and let that one sink in for just a second.

In all fairness, this set of bookends is no joke. The AT-AT Bookends are a very detailed recreation of the AT-AT walker from the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. They’re not made of carbonite, but they are made of some pretty nice polystone, followed up by a paint job done by hand. All this, so they can be ready to prop up your books, preferably your Star Wars-related reading materials, preferably with signatures of cast members.

Just make sure you keep this away from snowspeeders, because the AT-AT Bookends don’t come cheap. The newest member of your Star Wars swag family comes at the cost of $225.

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