Tardis Clock Projects the Time of Arrival of the Doctor

You can’t have your own personal Time Lord, but at least you can have an alarm clock that lords over your wall with the time of day.

The TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock is a faithful recreation of the blue TARDIS from Doctor Who. Unfortunately, this TARDIS only goes forward in time, one second at a time. It’s your standard alarm clock, but with the lights down, you can use it to project the time and the Doctor Who logo on your wall or ceiling. Other than that, you’ll get flashing lights when the alarm goes off. Nothing too exciting, but hey, like the real TARDIS, it looks boring by appearance. All about what’s inside.

The TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock is selling on Big Bad Toy Store for about $42. For an extra $2, you can receive a specially packaged, guaranteed mint collector’s edition of the alarm clock. Then again, it’s an alarm clock. I don’t know where the lines is drawn on collector’s items, but I’m not sure this one qualifies.

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