eBay Giving Away Free Mani-Pedi’s on Black Friday

As we know, lining up for inhuman pandemonium outside physical stores on Black Friday isn’t the only way to shop for outlandishly cheap things post-Thanksgiving. Online shopping is the saner, safer alternative, and eBay is making a move to make that online shopping experience even more attractive.

With Buy in Bliss, you can sign up for a free manicure, pedicure, or foot massage from a bliss spa located in major cities across the nation, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, and San Francisco. Just bring along your smartphone or tablet, and get to shopping while enjoying total relaxation, though I suppose for the sake of using your hands to shop on your device, you should maybe opt for the pedicure or the foot rub, given the choice.

It’s the polar opposite of physical Black Friday shopping – something soothing for your feet, instead of pounding them on pavement (or, in the case of the most zealous, other people). If you can score an appointment at a bliss spa for this deal, this deal is a no-brainer over regular Black Friday shopping.

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