2013 Kia Sorento Review: The CUV That Has it All for a Reasonable Price

The Kia Sorento has come a long way since it rolled off the production line in 2002. From it’s earlier days as boxy traditional looking SUV, it has transformed into a sporty and even slightly luxurious looking crossover vehicle. While the changes are not all that different from 2012. The 2013 Sorento is slick, peppy, and even comes with standard leather trim.

As a matter of fact, its interiors are quite lush and for a modestly priced mid-size crossover, the Kia Sorento definitely gives you plenty of bang for your buck when compared to other similar models.  Cargo space is sumptuous,as well as is the 5-seater seating.  That combination makes the Sorento ideal and comfortable for passengers with packages or luggage.

Unfortunately, one of the surprising aspects of the Sorento for us is the poor gas milage. From our past experiences with an assortment of Kia vehicles, they have always done consistently well with the MPG. But on combined street and highway miles we averaged about 20MPG. Granted, in the grand scheme of things that doesn’t seem too bad. However, when you have to fill up a rather large gas tank…. it could start to get pricey at the pump.

The Sorento smoothly handles itself on the road and takes turns nice and tight without any hesitation. Sadly it could have handled potholes and rough roads a bit better. This seems to be Kia’s achilles heel for several of their models, and the Sorento has a very stiff suspension to boot. Here’s to hoping they get that addressed in newer models of their vehicles.

The Sorento LX, EX and SX trims are all available in 2013 models, as are 3.5-liter V-6 and 2.4-liter four-cylinder powertrains along with six-speed automatic transmissions. The exterior of the 2013 models haven’t changed all that dramatically and are marked with an updated Kia badge on the hood and and an updated mark on the left gate. Another nice touch to the Kia Sorento is the accompanying iPad app. Yes, Kia really does like to make apps for their cars, so you know how much everyone else likes them too. Also, the app helps highlight the vehicle’s specific traits. Finally, the Sorento also offers several in-car options, including SiriusXM radio and their always user-friendly navigation system.

The 2013 Kia Sorento starts at $23,180 and can go as high as $33,400 not including additional packages. Overall, it is a quality CUV that won’t break the bank, while being plenty spaceous. Stiff suspension and gas milage aside, these latest vehicles from Kia will certainly have consumers taking notice of the Sorento’s sporty looks and luxurious, as well as spacious interiors. The Kia Sorento can compete with the big boys.

The Good: Sporty exterior, nice interiors that are equal to pricier competitors, seating for 5, and ample stowaway space.

The Bad: Stiff suspension, not has fuel efficient as other Kia models, acceleration could be better when used on highway ramps.

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