Cygnett Icon Bronx Graffiti Case Review

We’re thrilled to see Cygnett extend the amazing Icon Artist Series case lineup to iPhone 5. The Icon Series was among our favorite cases last year. Icon cases have amazing finishes and designs you have to see to believe.

The first thing you’ll notice about Cygnett’s Icon Cases unusual and sexy its matte non-glossy finish is. The finish makes the colors pop and it highlights the design like no other. This is especially apparent on the Bronx Graffiti Icon case we’re reviewing. The graffiti might as well be sprayed straight onto iPhone with some really precise spray paint. Unlike glossy cases, and more like actual graffiti, there’s no glare on the surface.

The next thing you’ll notice is that the finish doesn’t just look awesome, it feels awesome too. It’s super soft and smooth to touch. It’s not quite as grippy as a glossy case, but luckily it’s not too slippery either.

The Cygnett Icon cases are very thin and very light. It’s a one-piece snap on case that’s relatively minimalistic. It has large cutouts for all the ports and buttons. The case exceeds iPhone’s face, but just barely. This is an important feature for us. Raising the corners and sides keeps iPhone’s screen from getting scratched when you set it face-down. Luckily, Cygnett covers all the bases and includes a screen protector.

Cygnett’s Bronx Graffiti Case is seriously awesome. Nicely enough, Cygnett includes the back story on the inside of the case so you can tell all of your friends about TATS CRU, the world-famous Bronx-based mural street artist. The Cygnett Icon Bronx case retails for $29.99, which is pretty fair with the screen protector. It’s currently available, as are a few other Icon cases like Nathan Jurevicius’ Haven Case.

The Good: Amazing Design, Soft non-glossy matte finish, Simple one-piece build, Light, Thin, Backstory on inside of case, Includes screen protector and cleaning cloth
The Bad: Previous versions wore around edges, May not be grippy enough

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