Mark Cuban Brings Christmas Cheer to Reddit

Photo Credit:  Huffington Post 

Better known to some as the owner or the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, better known to others as one of the billionaire investors on the reality show Shark Tank, Mark Cuban gave his own holiday gift to the Internet, holding an AMA session on Reddit on Christmas Eve.

Cuban fielded all kinds of questions, topics ranging from investing tips, career advice, the reality show, and the state of the NBA. We learned that being a child of Mark Cuban doesn’t mean cars and brand new iPads for Christmas – Cuban says the most expensive gift he gave this year didn’t get over $200. Some NBA questions had to be artfully dodged, likely because Cuban figures he’s already forked over enough money to NBA commissioner David Stern over the years. We also learned that yes, T-Mobile is funneling a lot of money into Shark Tank, and yes, it is really cheesy for all involved.

You can check out the whole AMA here, but here’s a good takeaway if you’re seeking any kind of job or financial advice – avoid debt as much as possible. He beat that drum pretty hard, and it’s a pretty fine beat.

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