CES 2013 is 4 days Away – What to Expect!

CES 2013 is just a few days a way, and we’re pretty pumped about it. After all, each year CES debuts tons of hot products that will hit the store shelves later on in the year. Of course, there is always plenty of vaporware announced at the show. You know, those products that seem super cool when they are announced, but they never actually make it into production…

Regardless, the news that comes out of CES is always the shape of things to come, and for all the gadget girls and boys out there, it’s like having Christmas all over again.

This year, we have some predictions for certain product categories that we expect to see a lot of on the show floor. Here they are:

  1. 4K TVs and improved Smart TV interfaces.
  2. Lots of Appssecories for the iPhone and iPad.
  3. More Ultrabook Convertibles.
  4. Lots of fitness devices and trackers, akin to Fitbit’s product line.
  5. Bluetooth speakers. The speaker dock isn’t dead, but wireless speaker systems are going to take over at CES.
  6. Lots of touchscreen displays to accommodate Windows 8.
  7. Tons of lightning accessories. The iLounge area is sure to be chock full of them.
  8. Battery packs. We’ve reviewed several portable battery packs on the site, and expect to see more of them at the show, with even greater capacities.
  9. TV streaming and set-top box solutions.
  10. Headphones! That includes lots of celebrity endorsed headphones, and Bluetooth headphones.

We’ll be bringing you up-to date coverage of CES, starting on January 6th. So keep checking back!

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