Stick Your iPhone 5 in a Government Housing Case

With the way Apple stock is sliding, this might become a reality for iPhone..In love with the staid, monotonous trappings of mass-produced government housing? I know you’re out there, somewhere. I can hear you breathing. Good news! The iPhone 5 case for you has arrived.

The Danchi Government Housing iPhone 5 case is a hard case covered with one big, grey, uniform block of government-produced housing. In Japan, the buildings, many of which still persist today, are relics from the immediate post-war reconstruction era. Inexplicably, the style (if you can call it that) is experiencing something of a revival in Japan, inspiring new art, music, film, and even architecture. Enthralling.

The good news is, if you want to get your Communism on, you can just pretend the building on this case is from the old Soviet bloc, because there really isn’t much difference. That aren’t too many ways you can do grey, concrete, and a complete lack of individuality, after all. The Danchi Government Housing iPhone 5 case is selling now for $46, with an extra $13 tacked on for shipping to the United States.

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