Moneual MTT300 is a Touch Table PC for Restaurants

Even if you never see this exact table at a restaurant or café near you, it’s a pretty good bet that sometime down the line, you’ll see something like it. Now that the conceptual cat’s out of the bag, I’m guessing there are going to be quite a few imitators, and more than a few restaurants chomping at the bit to get something like the Moneual MTT300 into their locations.

The MTT330 is made first and foremost for public use – the top is covered with enforced glass, which is equipped with touch technology thanks to projective capacitive touch. That enforced glass will also provide the requisite waterproofing, so inevitable spills won’t wreck the electronics inside the table. It also uses a fanless cooling system, which should prevent dust build-up, keeping the tables sanitary for everyday use. An internal RF card terminal will allow restaurant managers to equip each table with a digital menu. Thanks to touch technology and Wi-Fi, patrons will be able to use these tables to order, pay, and play games and browse the Internet while waiting for their orders. And (of course) they’ll make for excellent tools to bring even more advertising into your life.

The tables will actually run Windows 7 Enterprise, which isn’t totally unheard of – Windows 7 has been seen on a few touch devices here and there, though they are few and far between. The tables will run on Intel Atom D2700 processors, Atom being the line of processors Intel makes mainly for mobile devices and tablets.

Again, no telling when the Moneual MTT300 Touch Table PC will actually begin popping up into restaurants (or airports, or hospitals – really, just about any place that uses tables can probably think of a use for the MTT300). But, with the possibilities opened up, especially for advertising, you have to figure you’ll be seeing one somewhere sooner or later.

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