Hands on with Sony’s Waterproof Xperia Z Android Phone

While smartphones aren’t the big focus of CES 2013, we were just blown away with Sony’s new Xperia Z Android phone. The beautifully designed device has a 5 inch 1080P screen with a quadcore Snapdragon S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, and get this: it’s water proof!

The Sony Xperia Z is something to seriously get excited about if you’re in the phone market. It’s sleek and super sexy in a variety of colors. It’s a very well spec’d phone with a great design, so the water and dust resistance is the icing on the cake. The large 5 inch display is super vivid and uses Sony’s “Reality Display” with Mobile Bravia Engine 2.

We went hands on after the official announcement tonight and were very impressed with just how sleek it is, it’s just as thin as iPhone 5. The weight is light without feeling cheaply light.

Since this is of course a Sony product, you can bet that the 13 megapixel camera is top notch. It’s a fast capture camera capable of taking amazing low light photos. Sony has also worked in a new feature called Stamina mode that extends the battery standby time up to 4 times.

The Xperia Z has NFC and is enabled with Sony’s One Touch technology that allows it to easily pair to a number of Sony bluetooth devices. It’s running Android Jelly Bean 4.1. It will be upgraded to 4.2 shortly after release.

The Xperia Z is 4G LTE and will be rolling out globally within the next few months (Q1 2013). Sony will also be releasing an Xperia ZL, which is basically the same device without the waterproofing and dustproofing. Stay tuned for pricing and carrier details.

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