Curl Up Like a Kitten in the Cat Cape Kotatsu Blanket

This combination cape-blanket-bath rug-piece of cat merchandise is here to help keep you warm. Or, I guess just keep your back warm? That’s pretty good, too, right?

The Cat Cape Kotatsu Blanket is pretty much a bath rug with cat ears, paws, a tail, and shoulder straps. You can wear it around like a backpack, which I suppose makes it easier to wear around than a regular blanket. You don’t get to feel like you’re a world-conquering monarch while lugging your blanket train behind you when you walk around, though, so that’s a big drawback. If you’re more into the cat thing than the royalty thing, though, it looks like you’ll be set with the Cat Cape. Of course, if you’re just looking for something warm that you can wear around easily, I mean, come on.

You do get a pocket on the inside, though, so that scores some extra points for the Cat Cape. You can get to prowling around the house for what’s left of winter when you head over to Japan Trend Shop and throw $75 ($56 plus $19 for shipping) their way.

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