Jabra Motion is an All Day Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Motion is a brand new Bluetooth headset that is out to be the only headset you’ll ever need, until next year’s model comes out.

In all seriousness, Jabra Motion looks like it’s a solid choice if you’re in the market for a new headset. The battery life is being put at seven hours of talk time, with a standby life of 15 days – this one should last you the entire workday, unless you’re talking on your phone non-stop all day, in which case I’m really sorry for you. That sounds rough.

The new headset wraps around your ear, and looks pretty robust and stable. The Motion doesn’t just have Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity – it’ll also feature NFC, so you’ll be able to tap your NFC-equipped phone to the headset to establish a connection. Range is also impressive – 300 feet for Class 1 Bluetooth devices, and 33 feet for Class 2 Bluetooth devices. The essential answer/end call button on the headset is there, too, along with a mute button, which I guess is the modern day equivalent of holding a landline handset away from your ear while the person on the other end yammers away. Audio quality should be great – HD voice and an A2DP audio codec. There’s a boom arm that can be folded up if you need to stuff it in your pocket, but you can also buy the Motion with a handy travel and charging kit if you don’t want pocket lint on something that goes in your ear. On the earpiece, there’s an LED light that functions as a busy signal for real life, but we’re not sure how bright that is. Long hair might obstruct it.

The Jabra Motion impresses in more subtle ways, too. The Motion moniker is there for a good reason – the headset will adjust itself according to its position and your movements. The Motion will go to sleep when laid down, and will automatically turn up the volume if you start walking. If you pick up the headset when you’re receiving an incoming call, the call can be answered automatically. The volume should also adjust according to the level of background noise, too.

No word on pricing or availability yet, but we’d imagine it will be coming out sometime this year. Keep an eye on the Jabra website in the meantime, if you’re interested. According to the product page, there should be a few different models available when the Jabra Motion arrives.

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