Meg Whitman Changes Her Mind and Now Supports Everyone

I guess we can still say better late than never – HP CEO Meg Whitman has signed her name to an amicus brief in favor of lifting the ban on same-sex marriage in California. That document will be one of many read and considered by the Supreme Court as part of the challenge to the constitutionality of California Proposition 8.

Proposition 8, which was passed in the November 2008 elections in California, created a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Because there are enough people around to recognize that discrimination is, you know, wrong, the amendment was soon thereafter subjected to legal challenge, which has now worked its way up to the highest court in the land. Whitman, who ran for governor of California in 2010 (losing to current governor Jerry Brown), avowed her support for Proposition 8 during her campaign.

Her recent reversal (she says her views have ‘evolved’) suggests that her previous support was more of a support for the decision made by California voters than support for banning same-sex marriage. Citing a complete lack of scientific or factual evidence in support of banning same-sex marriage (shocking, I know) and her belief in productivity through working together, Whitman is now a supporter of same-sex marriage. She isn’t the only Republican, either – Whitman is now part of a ‘prominent group of conservatives, moderate Republicans, and social libertarians’ that have put their names to the brief arguing against the ban on same-sex marriage in California.

Whitman concludes by saying that we’re at our best when we work together, regardless of sexual orientation – research bears that out. It’s still the whole family values part of the conservative movement, just with the admission that everyone deserves the right to enjoy those family values. What a notion!

Meg Whitman – Why I Support Civil Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

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