Pinterest On Track to Overtake Twitter as Second Biggest Social Network

For all the media attention Twitter gets, you’d think it would be secure as the number two social network in the United States. It does have that second spot, but with the way things are trending, it might not be that way for long.

The results of a 2012 Pew survey were released last week, and revealed that 16 percent of Internet users in the United States are on Twitter, with Pinterest right behind with 15 percent (to get an idea of number one’s dominance: 67 percent for Facebook). Couple that with the survey’s +/- 2.6 margin of error, and it’s entirely possible that we’re already looking at a new number two. If we aren’t, Pinterest’s growth rate should make things decisive in the near future – a survey conducted earlier in 2012 put Pinterest at about 12 percent, meaning the site gained three percent in just months.

The growth is being mostly fueled by female users, who outnumber men on the site five to one, according to a Poynter study. Whatever the reason, as surprising as it might sound, sometime in 2013 more people will be pinning than tweeting. As for catching up to number one – I’m not exactly holding my breath.

Via Huffington Post

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