Art and Music Collide on Tokidoki SOL Republic Headphones

Pop-punk brand tokidoki has partnered up with Sol Republic to create a couple new special edition headphones, and you can get your hands on them right away.

The tokidoki x Sol Republic headphones and the TKDK x Sol Republic headphones both feature the standard swappable headband design found on most Sol on-ear products. Both are powered by V10 HD Sound Engines and have SonicSoft speaker pads. Past that, there’s not too much in the way of detail offered about either pair of headphones. The tokidoki pair pops a little more with bright purple on the underside and the familiar cast of tokidoki characters on top. The TKDK pair is more low-key, but still shows off the artistic chops the LA-based lifestyle brand has to offer.

Both headphones from the tokidoki x Sol Republic partnership are based on the Tracks HD line, and are selling now for $150.

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