VinoCaddy and Vino2Go are Perfect for Lushes

You might have some explaining to do if you’re not judicious about when and where you use the Vino2Go. It’s a tumbler for wine drinkers, but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination – it’s transparent, and the vessel inside is shaped like a wine glass. That’s great if you want to make sure you get just the right amount of wine. It’s also great if you want to make a special kind of statement about yourself – that you love to get sauced, and don’t particularly care who knows about it. No brown paper bags (and, you know, regular tumblers) for you!

From the same people comes the VinoCaddy, which is a little bit more practical. It’s a hunk of wood that holds a wine bottle and two wine glasses, which has picnic time written all over it. You have your choice of wood, too – walnut, oak, bamboo, or, if you need to be extra hip, up-cycled and salvaged wormy chestnut, a tree that is now extinct.

The Vino2Go tumblers are all BPA free, and the lids come in ten different colors. Just please don’t be the person that has to explain this one to the officer.

The Vino2Go tumblers are selling from the Product Farm Store for about $16. You can get the VinoCaddy for $20, plus $6 for shipping.

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