Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case is Smart and Slim

keyboardBelkin’s new keyboard case for the iPad is aiming to look and feel like it came packaged in with your tablet. It looks like Belkin’s had some success with that, too.

The Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad is made from aluminum, and keeps a slim profile at 6.4 mm thick and 17 ounces. The keyboard itself is wireless, and should be good for 160 hours of usage time between charges. Belkin’s SoundFlow design boosts the audio coming from the iPad’s speakers. The case itself is magnetic, and can use those magnets to automatically wake up your iPad when you open the case.

You can pre-order the Ultimate Keyboard Case now from Belkin. It comes in silver and black – $100 for black, and an inexplicable $30 premium for silver, bringing the cost to $130. It works with 2nd generation through 4th generation iPads, and will ship and be available in stores in May.

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