H&M Wants You To Get Conscious About Clothes Recycling


If you have any old clothes languishing in your closet that haven’t been worn in years, make them useful. You can bag them up and head over to your local H&M, which is now taking in unwanted clothes as part of their new Long Live Fashion! project.

Your part is pretty simple – take a bag of old clothes to H&M, and get a discount voucher for each bag you drop off. After that, everything will be taken to a processing plant. Clothes that can still be worn will be sold as secondhand goods, while garments of a lesser quality will be reused as things like cleaning rags. Things in worse conditions will be recycled and used as raw material, or will go into damping and insulation for cars and trucks. If none of those things are possible, the clothes will be burned and used as energy.

I:co is providing the infrastructure for the entire recycling project. H&M will only accept two bags of clothes per day, but you can always keep coming back if you have more to give. The discount vouchers will be for 15 percent off one item. Any revenue H&M takes in as part of the project will go towards customer rewards, local charities, and investment in improved recycling systems.

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