String Wars Puts Guitar Hero to Shame

String WarsSome of you have been there. You finally five starred Through the Fire and the Flames on expert on Guitar Hero, one of the great video game achievements of the early 21st century. You were proud, and had every right to be. Then, that friend spoke up. “What are you doing? This game is stupid. It’s not even like playing a real guitar.”

Well, now you can pick up an axe and get t0 work on silencing your friend by combining both worlds – Guitar Hero gameplay with a real guitar. It’s an app called String Wars, and it’s being touted as a competitive game and a learning tool for picking up the guitar. A few tabs come ready to go from the outset, with the rest of the library crowdsourced by all the users of the app. If you have tabs of your own, you can upload them for use by yourself or the community at large.

Once you fire up the app and pick a song, it’s just like playing Guitar Hero, just with the actual guitar. The app can pick up the sound of you playing, and detect when you’ve missed a note based on the tabs uploaded. You can slow the song down or speed it up if you’re a beginner looking to improve. Better yet is adaptive speed, which will gradually adjust the speed of the song according to your performance. Also, a little like practice mode in Guitar Hero, you can play sections by themselves, or on a loop for added practice. You can also have the track wait for you to play the correct note, which should alleviate some frustration on tougher songs. Afterwards, you can scroll through the song and see which notes you missed.

While you’re playing, you’ll see an interface a lot like that of Guitar Hero, but it’s actually just the tabs scrolling horizontally across the screen. You can use it by yourself, or challenge that awful friend of yours and finish him off using his own free time weapon of choice. To really clinch the mental victory, start playing Guitar Hero right after you win and tell your friend that the plastic guitar is way more fun.

String Wars is free, but might be a paid app in the future, so if you’re interested, grab it now. It’s available for iOS.

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