20″ LEGO X-Wing Lands in Times Square NYC

When the 20” LEGO X-Wing set dropped back in February, little did we know that the LEGO Group was planning something bigger. Much bigger. Much, much bigger.

Try a 1:1 scale model of the real thing. That’s what the LEGO Group showed off to the world at Times Square yesterday – a full-sized X-Wing 42 times bigger than the set released earlier this year. We can only hope that this means a full-scale model of R2-D2 is on its way.

The whole thing took 32 people 4 months to build, using 5,335,200 LEGO bricks, which is a lot. A lot of bricks. The whole thing must be worth tons of money. It weighs 45,979.61 pounds, but a lot of that is because they had to cheat a little and use a steel frame. But, maybe cheat is the wrong word for something this ambitious. Reality does have its limitations, and unfortunately, that includes an 11′ high x 43′ long x 44′ wide X-Wing starfighter made only out of LEGO bricks.

The entire planning process took over a year, and included calculations to make sure that the model could withstand the vibrations caused by the New York subway and California earthquakes. It also had to be built to survive being shipped in chunks to the United States from its birthplace – a LEGO model shop in Kladno, in the Czech Republic. The California part is important, because that’s where the X-Wing is headed after a weekend in Times Square. It’ll fly into Legoland, where it will be for the rest of this year.

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