This Mother’s Day, Make Momma Proud – Stop Being a Freeloader [Video]


Want to make mom proud this Mother’s Day? Well, how about you forego the flowers and mushy cards, and instead, you prove to her that you’re going to stop being a freeloader! Yep, you heard right. This latest and quite hilarious video from Virgin Mobile features Susie Essman from Curb Your Enthusiasm, as a mother venting about her daughter’s freeloading and how it is time for her to become more independent. And lets face it, we’ve all freeloaded on our parents at one time or another. Or maybe that is many times for some of us…

The video is quite entertaining, especially if you can relate and have a Jewish mother too. In any case, the message of the video is clear – and that is that Virgin Mobile has a suggestion for how to impress your mom this Mother’s Day, and it’s not the expected ‘buy her a smartphone’ suggestion. Instead, it’s to gain some independence, to leave your parent’s family plan and switch to a no-contract Virgin Mobile plan.

Virgin Mobile offers truly affordable prepaid plans that start off as low as $35 a month. These plans include unlimited data and messaging! The company also offers the iPhone, along with an assortment of Android phones. And tomorrow Virgin Mobile will also be having a one-day flash sale, which is all part of their effort to promote independence this Mother’s Day.

So are you guilty of freeloading off of your parents cell phone bill? Maybe your freeloading off of your boyfriend/girlfriend’s or sibling’s in some other way? Or maybe someone’s freeloading off of you? We would love to hear about your own freeloading experiences below, and hear how you were able to overcome them and gain independence.

Disclaimer: Helena Stone works with Virgin Mobile as a Virgin Mobile Ambassador. All snarky remarks are 100% her own.

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