Asus 4k Monitor Coming This Month and it Will Cost You $4K to Buy it

Asus had its soon-to-be-released PQ321 monitor on display at Computex 2013, in all its 4k glory. The 31.5” monitor was known about beforehand, but the company also had a vision of something a little bigger and better – a 39” model.

First, a refresher about the PQ321. It’s a 4k LED-backlit monitor, with 3840 x 2160 resolution and 140 ppi. If you’re thinking “hey, 3840 is less than 4k, what gives?”, the answer is a very technical idea most television manufacturers like to call “whatever, close enough.” It has a 16:9 aspect ratio, as well. The IGZO panel has 10-bit RGB color, 176 degree viewing angles, 350 cd/m2 (squared) brightness, and 8 ms GTG response time (basically, the speed at which the pixels can change color). You can mount it on your wall or, if left on its stand, you can tilt, swivel, or adjust the height. At 35 mm thick, Asus is saying it’s also the thinnest 4k monitor on the market (soon to be on the market, anyway). There are dual HDMI ports and picture-in-picture capability, as well.

The 39” model on display at Asus’ booth was almost identical to the 31.5” PQ321. The 39” model had 113 ppi and 8-bit RGB, plus frame rate control. A DisplayPort and an HDMI port were also there. But, this one is still up in the air – an Asus rep said that the company was trying to gauge interest in the 39” model, and that no mass production is planned as of now. Of course, that’s subject to change, especially if Asus got good vibes over this past week in Taipei.

The 31.5” monitor, on the other hand, is in production, and should show up in stores before the end of the month. How much will it be? An Asus rep put it succinctly, pointing to the 4k sign and telling me the price would be about the same.