Guinea Pig Chainmail Outfit Fetching $20,000 on eBay

The original owner, the brave Sir Lucky, has been slain in combat by still-undefeated Father Time, but his armor lives on. $20,000 plus means that your guinea pig will take up the legend.

Scale mail armor hand-made for a guinea pig is selling on an eBay auction now, along with a small steel helmet that the human owner bought from a Renaissance Faire. The guinea pig in question, Lucky, did indeed pass away a short time ago, prompting the owner to put the now-uninhabited armor up for sale. The bidding has reached over $20,000, and who knows where it will end up – there’s still two days left to go on the auction.

It’s the perfect gift for the notoriously-adept-at-dying guinea pig, so if you really, really love your little guy, here’s one way you can help him stave off untimely death. Good luck topping the original owner for photo ops, though – a guinea pig in a suit of armor on top of a tiny yellow remote control jet ski is setting the bar awfully high.

As for the money, 100% of the proceeds from the sale will go to Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, a non-profit based in Virginia hard at work finding and rescuing guinea pigs before bringing them to new homes.

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